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We offer local event transportation in Battle Creek, MI

Attending a concert or going to see a football game is exciting. The worst part is getting to the venue. If you want to spend all your time having fun without worrying about the details, hire E & V Entertainment Group in Battle Creek, MI. We specialize in event transportation services.

We'll get you to and from the venue, so you don't have to worry about driving in heavy traffic or paying for parking. You'll arrive at your event in style when you hire us to drive you. Call 269-601-6625 now to arrange for local event transportation.

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Rideshare apps aren't always easy to use. Drivers can cancel on you without warning. We'll always be on time and get you where you need to go without delay. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself without the stress of transportation logistics.

We offer convenient event transportation services for:

  • Concerts
  • Local plays
  • Sports events
  • Comedy shows

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Arrange for event transportation services in Battle Creek, MI

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You can turn to us for more than just convenient transportation. We also organize exciting events for you to enjoy. You can join us for local concerts, sports events or comedy shows. Bring anyone along to enjoy our local events, including your:




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